Just a few days ago, lost in my own thoughts, I was thinking about how Facebook live videos will change the way we share information – sharing content as they happen, as they unfold.

It’s one thing to do something which will never be seen by anyone. It’s another thing to do something, which will forever go on record in the depths of the internet. It’s yet a whole other thing, to do something, and have it go on the internet when it unfolds, as it unfolds. No edits or do-overs.

There is no stifling, no cover-ups or edits with a live-streamed video, and it could mean good things or bad things for how we conduct ourselves, especially in this generation that over-shares online.

Today, it means accountability. The videos in the link below doesn’t make for easy viewing – take that as a viewer discretion advisory. If you are so inclined, the original Facebook live video from the woman’s account is here.

I will not assume to know what’s right or wrong in this. But loss of life is, and always will be, a sort of tragedy that I would wish upon no one. I hope that questions will be answered, and it will be interesting to see how differently this plays out due to the Facebook live video.